The Yule Goat by Dane Christensen

Every year, the city of Gävle in Sweden erects a three story tall Christmas goat made of straw. Such a large, flammable object in the main square is a natural target for teenage pyros, but the city embraces it by taking bets on how long the goat will last before being burned to ashes. BYU Scandinavian Club built their own yule goat, Heiðrún, and like the tradition, burned it.

Below are a few images of the Yule Goat in Gävle, Sweden. It is really that big! 

Yule Goat

Chandelier Cover by Amber Lynn by Dane Christensen

I'm a fan of Sia's music and she blew us away with her release of Chandelier earlier this year. Amber Lynn, a very talented local musician, made an awesome cover of the song. For filming the video, Amber wanted to shoot just after sunset so we could see the city lights. You photographers and videographers understand that shooting in low light and no external lighting can be a real challenge. With a little bit of luck and serendipity, we were at the right place at the right time to get the perfect shots. Take a look!

Burrito Wedding by Dane Christensen

Some things are just meant to go together—peanut butter and jelly, iPhone and iMac, burritos and weddings. 

Erika and Clark celebrated their "funky fresh" wedding in Maryland as well as Utah. They hired the Sweeto Burrito truck to cater their reception. While they were on cloud nine, I was eating my heart out on burritos. Their wedding has definitely been one of my favorites. 

Here is the temple video. 

Angels Landing –– Zion National Park by Dane Christensen

A good friend of mine and I roadtripped down to Southern Utah last weekend in a futile attempt to get into the Wave. Sadly, we didn't make it in, but that's okay. Instead we hiked Angels Landing in Zion National Park and some other areas in Northern Arizona. It was a spectacular trip. And of course, no trip is complete without the drone. I schlepped  it up 1400 feet to the top of Angels Landing to get the video below. Feel free to share!

Camp, Wake Up, and Drone by Dane Christensen

This was my daily routine this weekend. A good friend and I road tripped down to Southern Utah to get into the Wave (We didn't get in by the way) and ended up on wild three-day journey through Northern Arizona, Zion and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Park. Of course, I carried my drone everywhere and had to get some stellar shots of the amazing scenery. Stay tuned for the Angels Landing video where I fly the drone above a 1400 ft canyon!

Summer Lapses — Denmark by Dane Christensen

I shot this video this Summer while living in Denmark for six weeks. I became quickly intrigued by the Danes' connection with nature. Copenhagen prides itself on its green mentality and passionate focus to bring nature to the city. The video is a compilation of Danish countryside and cityscape juxtaposed to the sounds of both environments. Our society has an increasingly more complex relationship with nature. Are we losing our connection to nature or are we redefining it? Is it redefining us? 

Made on a Sony a77 and iPhone 5s. 

Drone Footage at Bridal Veil Falls by Dane Christensen

Yes, I have a drone now. And it is unreal flying it. You wouldn't believe how easy It is to maneuver the copter—too easy even. For more of my drone footage, check out my Instagram @thefriendlydrone. 

Bridal Veil Falls is up Provo Canyon. It's a great place for an afternoon stroll, pictures or even a picnic. I filmed this short video with the drone and edited it on my iPhone 6 plus. Enjoy!

I have been doing a lot of test footage with the drone to make sure I can handle flying it when I film weddings. Imagine breathtaking aerial shots of the temple spliced into final wedding video. I think it will give  a nice touch. I've already used it in a music video with Ashley Hess which worked out well. No casualties yet! You can see the video here.



Break Free – Cover by Ashley Hess by Dane Christensen

POW! Another music video by Ashley Hess, this time a version of Break Free without Aliens and random flights to space. This was my first video using my drone. I think the shots turned out really well. Tell me what you think! 


My cover of Break Free by Ariana Grande ft. Zedd! Check it out! Download the MP3! Coming soon! :) SUBSCRIBE! Follow me to the moon! :) Comment POW if you're reading this :) Created at Celadora Studios!

Storm Chasing – There's an App for That by Dane Christensen

For awhile now, I've been wanting to get some lightning shots with my camera. However, I noticed that I never was in the right situation at the right time. I could see lightning, but I didn't know where it was going or where it had struck. Until I found an iPhone app for that––WeatherBug.

I opened the app, clicked on the spark feature and there I was watching real time where lightning was striking. How the app tracks lightning strikes, I don't know (it almost seems like black magic), but it was crucial in getting the shot below. I pointed my camera to where the app pointed me and voila!


The lightning storms silhouettes the mountains.

Silent – Tori Kelly (Acoustic Cover by Anna Richey) by Dane Christensen

Anna is only 16. When I was her age, all I knew was that Oreo Mcflurry's were better than the sundaes at McDonalds. Anna is not just smart, but has a huge voice! I enjoyed shooting this video and realizing that the 16-year-olds of today are far more advanced than when I was 16. Check out Anna's YouTube channel!

Viking Ships by Dane Christensen

Viking ships were dug up from the bottom of the Roskilde fjord in the early 60's and have been standing since in the Viking ship museum in Roskilde Denmark. Real Vikings sailed in these ships. They plundered, traded, fished, and attacked in them. I love the thought that we can witness centuries of history simply through the types of transport a people used. The ships tell the light and dark sides of the Vikings' expansive power and dominance. I wonder when in centuries to come what people will make of our modern-day ships. What will our cars, airplanes, and cruiseliners reveal about our lives?





The Modern Vikings by Dane Christensen

Denmark has a deep connection with the Vikings. Every year, in the town of Frederikssund, people gather together, dress up as Vikings, and perform a Viking play. I interviewed several of them and what I learned was remarkable. Some participate for the camaraderie, others because they grew up going to the play, and a few participate because they believe in the Norse gods.

New Music Video with DateNight by Dane Christensen

Some weeks ago, a good friend of mine and the rest of DateNight approached me about doing this video. I was instantly hooked. They took to the streets and asked women, "What is the most beautiful thing about you?" The responses were astounding. And it was during the creation of this video, when I realized the real motive these guys had for making the song. They want to change how the world sees beauty in women and I think they are doing it. Please share this video if you like it!

Statues, Smooth Jazz, and iPhone by Dane Christensen

I had the opportunity to film a good friend's wedding recently at the Springville Art Museum. With a live jazz band, I was a creatively energized to capture the evening. This time around I explored some creative limits such as shooting a bit of the video on iPhone and trying to get in as many shots of statues as possible (there are 41 by the way). I've been impressed with the camera capabilities of iPhone and I think it is more than just a handy camera—it's a whole art form in itself. See if you can spot the three shots made on iPhone in this video!