Storm Chasing – There's an App for That by Dane Christensen

For awhile now, I've been wanting to get some lightning shots with my camera. However, I noticed that I never was in the right situation at the right time. I could see lightning, but I didn't know where it was going or where it had struck. Until I found an iPhone app for that––WeatherBug.

I opened the app, clicked on the spark feature and there I was watching real time where lightning was striking. How the app tracks lightning strikes, I don't know (it almost seems like black magic), but it was crucial in getting the shot below. I pointed my camera to where the app pointed me and voila!


The lightning storms silhouettes the mountains.

Silent – Tori Kelly (Acoustic Cover by Anna Richey) by Dane Christensen

Anna is only 16. When I was her age, all I knew was that Oreo Mcflurry's were better than the sundaes at McDonalds. Anna is not just smart, but has a huge voice! I enjoyed shooting this video and realizing that the 16-year-olds of today are far more advanced than when I was 16. Check out Anna's YouTube channel!

Viking Ships by Dane Christensen

Viking ships were dug up from the bottom of the Roskilde fjord in the early 60's and have been standing since in the Viking ship museum in Roskilde Denmark. Real Vikings sailed in these ships. They plundered, traded, fished, and attacked in them. I love the thought that we can witness centuries of history simply through the types of transport a people used. The ships tell the light and dark sides of the Vikings' expansive power and dominance. I wonder when in centuries to come what people will make of our modern-day ships. What will our cars, airplanes, and cruiseliners reveal about our lives?





The Modern Vikings by Dane Christensen

Denmark has a deep connection with the Vikings. Every year, in the town of Frederikssund, people gather together, dress up as Vikings, and perform a Viking play. I interviewed several of them and what I learned was remarkable. Some participate for the camaraderie, others because they grew up going to the play, and a few participate because they believe in the Norse gods.

New Music Video with DateNight by Dane Christensen

Some weeks ago, a good friend of mine and the rest of DateNight approached me about doing this video. I was instantly hooked. They took to the streets and asked women, "What is the most beautiful thing about you?" The responses were astounding. And it was during the creation of this video, when I realized the real motive these guys had for making the song. They want to change how the world sees beauty in women and I think they are doing it. Please share this video if you like it!

Statues, Smooth Jazz, and iPhone by Dane Christensen

I had the opportunity to film a good friend's wedding recently at the Springville Art Museum. With a live jazz band, I was a creatively energized to capture the evening. This time around I explored some creative limits such as shooting a bit of the video on iPhone and trying to get in as many shots of statues as possible (there are 41 by the way). I've been impressed with the camera capabilities of iPhone and I think it is more than just a handy camera—it's a whole art form in itself. See if you can spot the three shots made on iPhone in this video!


Danish Flea Markets by Dane Christensen

Danes have an amazing flea market culture. There is no limit to what and how you sell. Danish country roads are peppered with these makeshift flea markets selling everything from fresh strawberries to antique dinner plates to random kitsch. 

One in 400 by Dane Christensen

Denmark consists of more than 400 islands, but not each one is created equal. Among the many options for a cozy get away, the island of Langeland attracts more tourists and vacationers than most other islands in the small country. Our week on this oblong plot of land in the Baltic Sea was nothing short of magical with its rolling fields, savory food, and impressive wildlife. It was simply natural to take a few pictures of what was around us and now I can see why so many flock to Langeland to get away. It's a one-of-a-kind island.

Warm, Sunny, and Bright by Dane Christensen

It's actually quite amazing to see how people get together to celebrate others—whether it be a wedding, a birthday, or just good grades. These celebrations are highly valued stories that turn into memories. Yet, it seems to me that each celebration we hold can be described being warm, sunny, and bright—as if they are the common ingredients for a gettogether. 

My experience with Matt and Hilary was constituted by the warm atmosphere, sunny weather, and bright personalities. So many people gathered to celebrate them with smiles and hugs on their special day. It is indeed a celebration worth sharing. 

iPhone Wedding by Dane Christensen

I filmed my sixth wedding of this Summer––but this time with a twist. With my trusty Olloclip lens and Glif tripod mount in hand, I used iPhone to film it!

It isn't entirely blasphemy. I did use my iPhone to get a few shots for the wedding video. And I don't shy away from this fact. The iPhone 5s has the best camera out of any mobile phone out there. I used the Filmic Pro app to set up my shot, the Olloclip lens to give the picture extra sharpness, and the Glif mount to attach the phone to my tripod. The end result were clear, high quality, HD shots. 

I'll post the video when it's finished. Take the challenge and see if you can find the several shots taken on iPhone!

Using iPhone to get some extra shots at a wedding.

Thanks California! by Dane Christensen

For this wedding, I flew out to California where there is bright sun and warm air—what's not to love!

Brenton and Julie celebrated their day with epic Californian style. I was amazed by the opportunity to capture their wedding. They held their reception at a house on top of a hill looking over Sacramento. As the sun set, the hills turned to gold. Festive atmosphere, good food and great light—a videographer's paradise.  

Check out the videos! 

Temple Exit


This App Will Solve Traffic Problems by Dane Christensen

While in San Francisco for a conference, I had one goal —to try out the car services Uber and Lyft. And I successfully tried both only to be amazed by the complete convenience and seamlessness of them.

With a press of a button on my phone, I was picked up only seven minutes later. Pleasant, inexpensive, and quick. The beauty of it all is that payment is handled through the app. All I did was get in and get out!

Uber was impressive. It is a taxi service in an app and that's pretty neat. However, what really blew my socks off was Lyft. 



Same concept as Uber, I opened Lyft, requested a ride and ten minutes later I was in a car. Lyft, though, is fundamentally different. They encourage you to sit in the front because your chauffeur is just someone that is out and about with an extra seat in the car. My driver, Lynn, was simply running errands when I requested my Lyft. 

She drove me home and the conversation that ensued was just like meeting someone new—pleasant and interesting. I was fascinated that Lynn is just like any other Califronia resident. As she was out in her car, she turned on Lyft and received my request. Better yet, I paid for the trip through the app. So my focus wasn't on a meter painfully adding more to my bill or on telling Lynn where to go (you put in your destination and it is sent to the driver's phone). My focus was on getting to know someone—the way it should be. 

The Bay Area is thriving with Lyft drivers. In the city, drivers don't even have to wait to get a request. They just keep coming! And with 80% of cars on the road with only the driver in them, imagine the consequences of suddenly connecting paying passenger with a lonely chauffeur?  That my friends could solve the 5 o clock traffic jam. 

I'm enthralled with Lyft. I took it again to the train station—each ride is a pleasant adventure. When it comes to Salt Lake, it'll no doubt be my preferred form of transportation. Oh, and what's not to love when each Lyft car has a pink mustache on it!



Loving You by Ashley Hess by Dane Christensen

I experienced a bit of serendipity this week when I got a call from a friend. No less than a day later I as filming a music video for the ever-so-talented Ashely Hess. With short notice, spontaneous timing and location, even I'm impressed how well the video turned out. And that I can't get the song out of my head. Check out the video. If you like it, look up more of Ashley's music. She's real good.

Ruminations by Dane Christensen

I believe being creative is a lifestyle rather than a singular moment. I think that we have to write down our epiphanies before they leave us. Creativity is making connections. I believe every human being has a distinct creative capacity and the journey is to discover it. I think that failure to develop creative abilities results in an unfulfilled life. I believe in listening to your creative side especially when other pressures attempt to stifle it. Being creative is power.

Smørrebrød––The Open Face Sandwhich by Dane Christensen

This picture is from the Rebild Society's smørrebrød fest (open face sandwiches). There is a lot of culture built into these sandwiches besides the strict rules about which toppings go where. These sandwiches are the core ingredient for long evening chats and luncheons in the bright Scandinavian sun. At the fest today, these sandwiches lived up to the high expectations of the Danes who attented.

NOMA — The World's Best Restaurant by Dane Christensen


A composition of "nordisk" and "mad" (Nordic food), Noma has been officially known as the best restaurant in the world three years in a row. 

Being best is not easy, though. How do you encourage creativity and the world's most innovative restaurant? This is what the founder, René Redzepi, is determined to figure out. 

Noma is the spawn of the new Nordic kitchen movement. Instead of Denmark being known for Babette's Feast when it comes to the culinary world, Noma celebrates the flavors of the Scandinavian region by abiding by the new Nordic kitchen manifesto: everything is foraged, everything is from the north, and everything is seasonal. 

From grilled leaks, to skyr and aronia berries, to ants, to beats filled with cabbage juice, and sea urchin with fried duck skin, René and his team are creating something new for Danes to be proud of. 



Tatar with ants. The formic acid gives the dish a citrus flavor. 


Reindeer moss. 


Spring greens. 


Aronia berry gel filled with Icelandic skyr. 

Frozen and Cozy in Montana by Dane Christensen

After an eight-hour drive and a night in a motel, I find myself in the frigid Hamilton, Montana. The snow drifts are the size of trucks and the temperatures seem unreal. There is warmth in this cozy schoolhouse where Alma and Maria got married. The bride and groom know how to handle cold and they pulled it off elegantly. I have enjoyed filming their beautiful and unique wedding--silhouetted by snow-caked mountains. 

Yet another bit of serendipity. I never thought I would be traveling to Montana to film a wedding!